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Monday, 7 August 2017

The Weekend

Thanks as always for your lovely comments. 

We went away for the weekend on Friday so hubby and friends could do some diving at Stoney Cove.    Our Premier Inn was 8 miles away at Fosse Park (Leicester), arriving at 3:40pm we had the good fortune to see a large Asian wedding party dressed in the most exquisite outfits in a rainbow of colours leaving to attend the wedding. The local weather forecast was dreadful but it wouldn't matter for the divers just us spectators and we were luck up until lunchtime on the Saturday when the biggest black cloud I've seen in a long time descended over the of quarry. It poured with rain and hail for over an hour leaving me soaked through to my underwear in a matter of seconds. 

As the wet weather forecast was fairly universal for the whole country I didn't bother watering the garden before I went but I did soak everything in the greenhouse rather than get my brother round to water.  Arriving home last night I was shocked to see the lack of rain in the water butts.  Our neighbour said there had been a couple of claps of thunder and a small downpour but that was it.  After unpacking I went around the garden and greenhouse  watering everything as well as harvesting. 

I'm putting 3 cucumbers outside for people to take. Cucumber in balsamic.
Courgetti in the steamer and sliced courgettes ready for the freezer. 
I have peeled and sliced one of the  cucumbers, seasoned it and added raspberry balsamic vinegar, YUM.
Runner beans, black & green French beans. 
Beans, beans and more beans.  The runner beans (and cucumbers) are going crazy.  I picked a load Friday and dropped them to my sister along with 3 cucumbers. Last nights harvest prepped, I have put them in water as I haven't made my mind up whether to use them fresh or freeze. The courgettes are slowing down as I'm down to one plant but they are still getting fat, just right for courgetti as we have bolognaise tonight. The tail ends of the courgette are sliced and frozen. 

And of course all the peelings go to the composter which will enrich the soil over winter so everyone is a winner.

Not sure there is enough sun today but I had to use these tomatoes up , the fan works well making sure there is no condensation. I have a thermometer somewhere I must find it, would love to see what sort of temperatures it can reach in there.  Despite ordering the sunshine this week the weather looks.  CHANGEABLE, so I'm not picking any more small toms until they can go in the dehydrator. How was your weekend? Bye for now. Tx


  1. I don't know where summer is this year, I'm getting a bit fed up now about the lack of sunshine. Your veggies don't seem to be suffering though, it's nice to get the freezer stockpiled ready for winter.

    1. Yes the veggies are surviving this dismal weather. But it's starting to feel like late September not the beginning of August!

  2. Ohh, your dehydrator is working beautifully.

    God bless.