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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Easy Ways to Save Money

Thanks for the comments and emails I received regarding yesterdays post.  I thought I'd write this post as some of you are not aware of the offers that can be found if you know where to look. One of the easiest ways of saving money is to sign up/register on various sites.

Spend £10 on at least three occasions between July & 20th August
and get £5 on your card to spend between the
26th August and 10th September.

I have an Iceland bonus card and its registered to my email address and postal address.  They send messages electronically and by snail mail.  I wrote about the £5 one a few weeks ago after receiving this in the post. When I first started signing up to various websites to be informed of their deals I decided to get myself a new email address so my normal inbox was cluttered with rubbish.  

By browsing Lidl leaflets on line ( you can see what's on offer over the next few weeks.  I find it easier to access from my phone I don't know why, if you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see the mobile address.  You may have to enter your post code as offers  vary around the country apparently! Having the full brochure to browse means I can prepare a shopping list in advance. I also know if  their weekend deals are worth getting out of bed for. You need to be outside the store at opening time at the weekend! 
Last weekend 29th & 30th July
Next weekend 5th and 6th Augu

Do you use Facebook? I'm not a fan and nor are my family,  except for selling stuff and following large companies. I have recently started following  Lidl because if you agree to the notifications through FB then you will be told when there is a printable £5 off coupon.  No having to buy a newspaper to get it but it will only print from a laptop or computer. Other large companies will notify you when there is a special offer on. 

Money saving expert is a great source of information.  There is a supermarket coupon section on there were you can browse to see if its worth printing out any coupons.  I have printed a Fairy Liquid 50p off one because I only have one bottle left in my stash. I have used the Mysupermarket App to find the largest cheapest bottle which happens to be Asda 1.35litre Mega bottle  for £2.00,  50p cheaper than any other supermarket so it will cost me £1.50 BARGAIN. 
Print Coupons in your own home
MSE also tells you about specials like The Covent Garden Soup company one recently.  He provided a link to be able to print a £1 voucher and as Mysupermarket said Asda and Morrisons were both doing that soup for a £1 it was essentially FREE and you can't get better than that.  Plus you will be in the loop for further offers but you do have to check spam folders because I've found money saving emails in there. 

Some people may find this a bit of a faff but its there if you want it. I'm just a little addicted to getting stuff cheaper. I would love to hear from others how you manage to get cheaper shopping. What websites do you go to? How do you do it? 
Slow down Nanny is coming!

Look who I've been looking after, my lovely grandsons. I'm the one running behind!!! Back soon. Tx


  1. thanks for the information, there's lots I didn't know. I have tried twice now to get the free covent garden soups coupon, it says thanks and it'll be in your inbox, but never shows up! I must be unlucky! Loved your previous post on the batch cooking. I'm just about to sort out the freezer and I really like the simple way you wrote the ingredients for each meal. I'll be giving some a go!

    1. Thanks Felicity, I have used their coupons twice now and never paid a penny for the soup. When batch cooking lots of ingredients are duplicates onion garlic so it makes sense to chop one large amount. I always taste and if it needs a dash of worcester sauce or a few chilli flakes then in they go. Not forgetting good old salt and pepper.

  2. Have you tried shopmium, or checkout smart? They are good little money savers.

    1. Thanks Marlene, I have never heard of shopmium but I have read about checkout smart but not used it.

  3. Thank you for posting that Tania, really useful info, especially the Iceland part xx

  4. I am signed up to get a few newsletters and such directly from a couple of companies here in Canada. It is so nice to be able to print off a coupon here in the comfort of my own home, and to know when some great sales are happening.

    God bless.

    1. We don't get many offers in the UK so you have to take advantage of the ones available.

  5. Any ways to money save float my boat!

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