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Friday, 7 July 2017

Seed Progress (3) and Pickling

I'm getting used to my new laptop but it has taken forever to set up. I was seething last night as the windows 10 update took 4hours to download.  Then today the free McAfee security wouldn't load and it took a phone call and lots of trying to persuade me to part with some money before I said 'what does Free mean?' because the subscription that came with the laptop is for one year free, so no money will exchange hands until this time next year! If the problems continue with this laptop it will be returned to the shop! It took me another 45 minutes to load the drivers for the wireless printer.

Anyway back to the seeds. The beetroot sprouts that were put into compost yesterday have already broken the surface and looking really healthy.  The carrot seeds were ready to transplant into compost.  I decided to use a 10 inch pot.  There is a guy I watch on YouTube HGV (Home Grown Veg) that grows  a huge selection of things in 10 inch pots.  I already have a pot I did about  6 weeks ago and its brilliant. The rest of the sprouting carrot seeds will be put into a seed tray with compost and when they're large enough they'll go into the garden.
Beetroot leaves after less than 24 hours

Lots of  carrot seeds sprouting

A 10" pot I sowed 6 weeks ago
earlier and the one I did today

Sown circa 6 weeks ago and you can see the carrots

Still not much progress with the leek seeds but I won't abandon hope just yet.  'Sods Law' as it was the leeks that I really wanted to 'bring on' quicker. 

There were 3 large cucumbers ready so the other evening I peeled them, one half was sliced on my mandolin and the other half was cubed. Both lots were sprinkled with salt, covered with cling film and placed in the fridge overnight.  Every time I opened the fridge I agitated them a little so that the salt solution was evenly spread.  The next day I threw away the liquid that the salt had drawn out of the cucumber and rinsed them thoroughly.  I left them to dry a little while I was sterilising the jars.

Cucumber sprinkled with salt
Cubed and sliced cucumber pickle
I made some spiced vinegar with mustard seeds and chilli, once the jars were packed with the cucumber the vinegar was poured over the contents. The jars were tapped gently to get rid of air. They've been stored in a dark cupboard and will be ready to in next month.  I managed to get hold of some lovely large ripe mangos at the market today (3 for £1)so I'm just about to make some Mango Chutney. Its all go here! Have a great weekend.  Bye for now. Tx

PS: We have not had one drop of rain and the heat has been unbearable at times, this afternoon it was 26 and muggy. Rain forecast for Monday......YES PLEASE.  


  1. My laptop is held together with sticky tape and there is a disk error warning at least once a day. I turn it off then on again and have Been doing this for months. I'm dreading the day it doesn't come back on.

    You have lots happening in the garden at the moment. It must be exciting seeing what's ready every day. Xx

    1. I said to hubby tonight no wonder you leave it until the last minute became buying a new laptop is not a pleasurable experience at all! I'm loving finding all the treasure every day and not having to buy any vegetables.

  2. Harvey had a very hard time downloading Windows 10 onto his laptop. Glad you are up and running.

    God bless.

    1. Thus was just an update, rediculous absolutely rediculous.

  3. I love mango chutney and had not thought of making it and your cucumber pickles sound delish.

    1. It's come out lovely, it has a little bit of a kick and very tasty.

  4. What sort of vinegar do you use when pickling?x

  5. I used the sarsons pickling vinegar and it's ok but I'm looking to try a vinegar brine method too.

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