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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Garden Update

The little bit of rain we had on Tuesday evening did help the garden and me. Its given me two evenings off  having to ferry watering cans around to make sure everything has a drink.  We left the paddling pool out but I turned it upside down to help collect additional rainwater. All those promises of a months rain in an hour never materialised here on the Essex coast!

Some water but nowhere near enough
The greenhouse: The capsicums (peppers) and chillies  are coming along nicely, no flowers yet but I don't think it will be long.

 The cucumber plants are in full bloom and the cucumbers will be coming thick and fast shortly, I have 3 that are over 8 inches long. 

Cucumbers everywhere!
I tried a different type of tomato this year, they grow very stumpy but they certainly have lots of fruit on them. Being disappointed with this variety  I also planted (later) what I consider to be normal ones and they are in flower. 

The two butternut squash I sowed were planted up, one in the greenhouse which is flowering ad forming squash and one outside which isn't doing a great deal but its in a pot so I may put it in the greenhouse for a few weeks to bring it on.

Butternut squash

  Outside, the sweetcorn has the male flowers at the top and the females are formed on the stem, the wind will help make sure everything is pollinated. The garlic underneath is looking healthy too.  

Main Beetroot crop
Lettuce and leeks
Under one net I have the main beetroot crop, I love beetroot so I'm hoping its going to be a bumper crop.  I've had a quick peek and there are some big ones ready.

Carrots, beetroot, Kale

 The second net houses, lettuce, carrots, the second sowing of beetroot, kale and leeks. I'm experimenting with leeks at the moment, details in another post. After not managing to get one runner bean last year I am pleased to report  the first beans are starting to appear.  I've been washing some of the stems down with a sponge to kill of the black fly larvae and its keeping the plant healthy.
Runner Beans

The hot weather has caused a few of the onions to bolt so I've used them up straight away.  I'm hoping the bulbs fill out a bit more before I'm forced to harvest them. Some of the potatoes are still flowering, they were planted at different times.  We lifted two plants last week and the spuds were lovely but there wasn't many. Not sure if it was the early hot spell.  I'm hoping the later ones will do better.
Potatoes sowed at different times
Spot the beans against the stems
Green/black dwarf beans are producing two  good portions a week at the moment.  I've just given them another good feed as new flowers are appearing, hopefully a promise of more to come. They are little b@ggars to pick because the beans disguise themselves as stems! My two containers of carrots look lush, I also have a 9inch pot experimental pot.  How many carrots can be grown in a small space experiment.

Courgettes coming tick and fast now

Courgettes are coming along steadily now and they are more uniform in shape.
Blackcurrants ripening, there is only a good handful but its the first year and the berries are full and lush.   The peas are filling out too and I've just completed the last sowing.  I may try some in the greenhouse in September.

I'm thinking of ways of extending the growing season in the greenhouse and this year I will look to sow more vegetables December and January so I have more spring crops.

I do have some flowers around the garden so that they attract the bees.  I'll do a post on them next week.  How is your garden growing? Have you had any disasters? Its another lovely  sunny day as was yesterday when we caught the tide just right and the kayak went out on another outing.  Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Bye for now. Tx 


  1. Your crops are coming along nicely, you have quite a lot, ours our doing ok, the peppers have been really slow this year, we managed to fill all our water butts last week so will be alright for a while.

    1. Disappointed with our rain fall so more house waste water going on the gardens. The peppers and chillies finally have flowers forming.

  2. That looks wonderful. I have serious garden envy.

    1. Thank you. I never tire of seeing what soil, water, sunshine and a little TLC can produce its magic, just magic.

  3. No rain here either yesterday or today.
    We are plagued by pollen beetle so the squash, courgettes and runner beans are not setting well - annoying

    1. Ive lost one courgette plant due to an infestation of some description. But I have a sponge and slightly soapy water now and was down the affected parts, the blackfly, beetles etc stick to the sponge and it goes in the water. It's kept my runners clear and other two courgette plants free.

  4. It's all looking good and healthy. I'm thinking of getting a blackcurrant bush for next year so I will be interested to see how much yours produces. X

    1. Jules the blackcurrants was literally a twig I bought last July time from poundland. So it's still very young, next it will be better. I bought another this year from pounland. I admit I don't invest a lot in the plant but I give them TLC.

  5. It all looks to be growing well and there's lots of variety as well. Not being a 'proper' gardener I often wonder if there are good plants and bad plants for sale. The prime example is Poundland - I've thought about buying a couple of fruit bushes but haven't bothered because I didn't think they would do anything being so cheap. Next year I will be giving them a go. xx